Fact Vs. Fiction

FingerWeights were invented by an amateur musician, who after taking up the guitar in his 40's, decided a little resistance would increase his endurance, while simultaneously allowing his fingers to have better range of motion. Knowing that nickels (US currency) weigh 5 grams each, he began taping them to the fingers on his fretting hand (both in Position A and Position B) to warm up, immediately feeling the positive results! However, and without fail, since FingerWeights were invented in the Music space about 1 in 10 musicians bring up the name Robert Schumann (famed composer, failed pianist) as to why musicians shouldn't use FingerWeights. 

It is important to first note that the resistance settings FingerWeights presently offers musicians (10-30 grams per finger, roughly a 1/3 of a pound per 5 fingers, at maximum resistance) was implemented with the guidance of medical professionals to ensure the resistance levels on their own wouldn't lead to injury. The resistance levels themselves are closer to that of a thick rubber band, NOT a dumbbell, and as is true with any exercise, we recommend you stop training with FingerWeights at the first signs of fatigue or discomfort. 

Back to the subject at hand...depending on what story you've read, Robert Schumann either used some type of mid-19th century weighted device to try and strengthen certain fingers he was experiencing numbness in (cause of numbness is unknown), used 50-100lbs of resistance on certain fingers through a cigar box pulley system, and/or performed surgery on himself, cutting the tendons in his pinky and ring fingers to try and increase range of motion and flexibility (this was relayed to us by a fellow pianist, but has yet to be confirmed). Regardless of which story you subscribe to, none of them are an apples to apples comparison when it comes to utilizing FingerWeights.

Both the Original and Flex can be worn both while warming-up, practicing an instrument (Brass, Wind, String), and/or as a stand alone training device. What's even more unique is that they allow the fingers to operate independently of each other while simultaneously targeting the extensor and flexor muscles in the fingers and hands. Making FingerWeights a product unlike any other.