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Occupational & Physical Therapy:

"The FingerWeights were a hit with a nursing home/rehab hospital where I'm a PRN OT. The Rehab Director, who is also an OT, was very enthusiastic about them (FingerWeights). Below is the treatment note I wrote for my first patient who used them. (Below is her current & prior medical history so you can get a sense of her background. She liked them so much, she came back later into the gym, asking for them to be put on so she could crochet more).

Current/PMHx: Patient is 80 year old female who went to hospital due to acute Chronic heart failure and tx for kidney dysfunction.  PMH includes: R RTC surgery, cirrhosis, R peripelvic cyst, mild atherosclerosis, interval hysterectomy, large hiatal hernia, diverticulosis, chronic kidney disease, DM, pacemaker, polyneuropathy, a-fib, CHF, anxiety, gout (R ankle), GERD, PVD, Osteoarthrosis, Anemia.

Patient participated in a seated (in her power chair) therapeutic activity (crocheting Christmas ornaments for family) while wearing FingerWeights on proximal position (between PIP and MCP joints: low-load position), 10 grams weight, on B hands, digits 2-4 to decrease mild tremors and for strengthening of the finger musculature.  Patient noted that she couldn't use her crochet needle as well without FW keeping the tremor down. Patient reported improved sensation in her fingers during and after the FingerWeights were taken off (most likely due to the proprioceptive input provided by the weights); she requested to use the FingerWeights again on our next session.  Therapist skill required to set appropriate resistance, equipment setup, and monitoring of patient response." 

Tanya Feddern-Bekcan, MLIS, MOT, OTR/L, DCCT

Musicians & Music Teachers:

S.Burns, "I bought them (FingerWeights) years ago, and initially to help me play guitar while rehabbing a fairly serious injury to my left hand. I continue to use them while warming up, at least 3 times a week, and feel like they are helping me out, A LOT! Background: I was a semi pro guitar player in the upper Mid-West, and my left hand was crushed in a work place accident many years ago that ended my guitar playing, or so I thought!  After about 9 or 10 years I had a bit of break through one day, and some scare tissue released so I was able to start thinking about playing the guitar again.  At some point I saw your products (The Original), and wanted to give it a try to see if would help my rehab...not only do they work, but I feel that they are a contributing factor to getting me back to Music! I now play again and have actually been teaching kids to play as well."

B.Rodgers, an active member in our armed forces, initially purchased FingerWeights, "to increase finger speed & control for basketball, typing (work), and gaming." He not only still uses them, but when asked if he would recommend FingerWeights, he replied, "Yes, the weights exercise parts of the fingers and hands that regular hand grips (simply) do not. That muscle-to-mind greatly increases speed and control."

A.Wolf, a music teacher from the West Coast states, "Yes, I would recommend them, I think they really work. I noticed that the weights actually force me to be more intentional and careful. Often, musicians have issues with rushing too fast. The weights make me go slower and be more diligent. They are worthwhile almost just for that effect. But they really do build strength. Just like I can really lift more after doing large weight training exercises, I really do move my fingers with more strength and fluidity after working with FingerWeights."

Speaking with a few seasoned climbers in Bishop, CA: 

Graham K, “It’s a perfect warm-up tool, you can feel the positive effects all the way up your arm”

Jake T, “Where were these when I was rehabbing from shattering my arm?!” 

Molly T, “It’s the only premier hand therapy tool that can fit my hand, and allows me to change the resistance in a matter of seconds.” 

Annie G "Not a gimmick!"