How It Works

fingerweights™ target the extensor and flexor muscles, the fine motor muscles in the hands that open and close the fingers, which allows wearers to build strength and dexterity.

There are three types of fingerweights™ models to choose from. View the following links to help you choose the right model for you.

Compact Model

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Standard Model
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Universal Model
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Finger & Hand Rehab, Speed, Exercise & Strength - Avoid Pain

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fingerweights™ can be used by anyone looking to increase their manual dexterity and mobility performance. From musicians to office workers, everyone who uses their fingers on a daily basis to complete repetitive tasks can benefit from fingerweights™.

Uses and Applications


Judith Frank, M.D Board Certified in Rheumatology:

"...With the introduction of FingerWeights, the recommendations and prognosis for patients with hand and finger conditions, has changed dramatically...."


Ben Edwards, Author of Jamorama - The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit:

"...I strongly recommend that if you are looking for ways to increase your finger strength and speed these are a great investment to make..."

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