FingerWeights apply the basic principles of progressive resistance training as a means to increase gentle range of motion, endurance, flexibility, dexterity, precision, and overall strength. Both the Original and Flex models provide proprioceptive and kinesthetic input so the person can better sense the position of their fingers and the movement of their fingers.

Along with the more obvious health and wellness aspects, musicians looking for that edge will also benefit from utilizing FingerWeights. Whether it's increased practice/playing time, or being able to reach certain chords, the positive effects can be felt after first use. 

  • Training with FingerWeights WILL improve:
    1. Endurance 
    2. Strength 
    3. Dexterity 
    4. Flexibility 
    5. Precision 
  • Training with FingerWeights WILL NOT:
    1. Increase Talent Level
    2. Increase Muscle Mass
    3. Make Fingers Feel Heavy Post-Use

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