What's in a Name...is 'FingerWeights' being retired?

What's in a Name...is 'FingerWeights' being retired?

The Original and Flex Model of FingerWeights work. They're not a gimmick, this isn't a scheme, and the goal isn't to fleece people into buying something that won't help them if used properly...our theories have been tested through three generations of products (two of which remain on the market today), and we receive an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. From hospitals and clinics, to music schools, to individual end users who may utilize them for any one of a number of activities they do during a day or week...we'll say it again, from the mountaintops, FingerWeights as a concept, and as a product, WORK!

So, why is it then that every time we run an ad, or post to social media, we get a bunch of likes, but the comments are inevitably filled with the always brilliant but never original, "weights for the fingers, that's stupid," or the slightly more intellectual version, "these won't make me better at (insert activity here)?" Folks, first, 30 grams max per finger isn't weight but rather resistance, and the goal has NEVER been to increase your talent level. If we had the ability to do that, we wouldn't be called FW Global, or FingerWeights...No, instead we'd be called, Give Us All Your Money & We'll Make Your Dreams Come True, or something ridiculous like that! 

With that said, we've come to the conclusion that it must be the name...FingerWeights. Weights for the fingers seem ridiculous to some people, and once we get passed the above comments, we then inevitably move into "why would I need those," or "what good will they do me?" Well, considering that even on the days we don't get out of bed, our fingers and hands are still working, and are how most of us interact with the world around us...FW Global's mission is to simply aid in the fight against repetitive motion injuries, while promoting healthy fingers, and an overall increase in finger and hand performance. 

In case you need some facts, right now it is estimated that 1 in 5 adults are currently suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. One. In. Five. That's 20% of the adult population, and those numbers are on a steep incline due to an increase in computer and smart phone usage, playing instruments and/or sports, gaming, and countless other activities. Moving forward, in an effort to get past a name that's a little too descriptive anyways, and so that people can start to truly see, and enjoy, our products, The Original & Flex are officially at your service. We specialize in finger and hand health through our FingerWeight (Finger Resistance) training devices.

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Judith Frank, MD Endorsement 

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