What’s in a logo? Rebranding FingerWeights

What’s in a logo? Rebranding FingerWeights

Companies around the globe put forth an exorbitant amount of energy, and resources towards their branding strategy each, and every, year. Whether it’s the more “organic” efforts like viral GIF’s and YouTube videos, or full on advertising campaigns (Allstate/State-Farm) spearheaded by a team of the industry’s “top brass,” more than $151 Billion dollars a year is spent on advertising, marketing, and making sure that each company’s brand is synonymous with whatever product or service they provide. However, while we all can recite those funny Super Bowl commercials, and routinely joke about “Discount Double Check,” it all actually begins with the right logo.

While exploring famous logos, it was fascinating to learn how the GOAT’s “Jumpman” came to fruition (it’s literally MJ Dunking, and some believe it should be the logo of the NBA), how the logo that came before the Jumpman (same company) is still the only logo more recognizable across the globe (the Swoosh), or even something as simple as the letters AT&T in a “pleasant” blue tone replacing “and” with “&”...at the end of the day, the right logo can help propel a company to global recognition.

While FingerWeights felt it was close with the FW logo, the company as a whole knew that eventually it would need its Swoosh. What began as a brainstorming session surrounding the “Why,” quickly morphed into new logo ideas, potentially just modernizing the letters, or making minor tweaks to what was already in place. Understanding the bigger picture, and the exciting places FingerWeights Global is heading, the head of the FWG design team (Marco) grabbed the proverbial ball and ran with it.  

Beginning with the present FW, the “nod,” or “call-to” the product is hidden inside of the W with 3 circles (one at the apex and two in the valleys), in the letter itself. These circles are representative of the actual resistance rods used in FingerWeights. The question started to be raised as to whether or not the logo was supposed to represent the company, or the product. If the latter, having the only product reference hidden inside of a letter synonymous with the name of the company, all the way to the right of the logo, virtually making it the last piece of the logo being noticed, certainly wasn’t going to do the trick. At that point it was time to remove the “fluff,” and strip everything away, leaving nothing more than “stick figure” letters, and the circles themselves. While this move helped the circles “pop” more, they were still all the way to the right of the logo, not front and center. In that moment, the decision was made to lose the letters all together, focusing solely on product representation...A few tweaks from there, focusing on the strength of the product, along with its ability to help unite multiple disciplines, and FingerWeights now has the makings of a new, improved logo, on its way to becoming a global brand.


For more information visit us at www.fingerweights.com, or send us an email at information@fingerweights.com. 

FingerWeights Logo Re-Branding in Pictures

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