Weights for the Fingers…Seriously?

“FingerWeights – More than just Weights for the Fingers!”

FingerWeights are often used in conjunction with, or during, your standard exercise routine, to work the fine motor muscles in the fingers and hands…known as the extensor and flexor muscles.

Exercising the fingers may seem arbitrary when you start to factor in more rigorous routines, but often times it is our extremities, namely our fingers and hands, that allow us to display the finesse necessary to separate us from just OK to being GREAT (or at least better) at our chosen activity. Whether you are a musician, gamer, athlete, or someone who suffers from the debilitating symptoms of arthritis or carpal tunnel, fine tuning the fingers, and prioritizing solid hand and finger health, is paramount to reaching that NEXT LEVEL, whether that’s playing Motzart’s Fifth Symphony, Draining a Half-Court Shot, or simply being able to type an email to your granddaughter again…

Whether you’re a touring musicians, a professional athlete, someone who aspires to be one the of the best at what they do, or strictly someone who enjoys activities that utilize the fingers and hands, having quality hand health is how you cement your own ability to continue doing what you love! That’s why the motto isn’t “Do This, or Be That,” it’s simply…

“FingerWeights – More than just Weights for the Fingers!”


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