Want to Type Faster? Tips, Tricks, the Original, and Flex

Want to Type Faster? Tips, Tricks, the Original, and Flex

Every generation moving forward, is going to be using longhand writing less and less until it eventually gets whittled down to a brief lesson in Grammar School. This will in-turn start shifting the focus to typing, and computers, at an earlier age. Change is hard, regardless of circumstance, so while the previous sentence is sure to draw the ire of everyone from writers to calligraphers, this article isn’t about debating the pros and cons between the two writing formats. Instead, the goal here is to focus on helping everyone, from children to grandparents, learn how to type as quickly and efficiently as possible, using nothing more than some cool Tips & Tricks, and their very own set of FingerWeights. 

FW Global's Original and Flex are unique in that they allow its users to wear them while practicing or playing their chosen activity, while imploring the same resistance training practices as an athlete using ankle weights, a weighted ball, or even a weighted bat, to maximize their performance.

Tips & Tricks on how to improve your typing skills while using FingerWeights:

  • Correct & Hold Your Posture: Posture & Ergonomics are number one on this list for a reason! Most people are in front of their computers for hours every day with poor posture, so in the same way that form is important while exercising, FingerWeights promote the incorporation of correct posture which is critical to achieving positive results.
    1. Part 2: HOLD THE POSTURE! Once you find the correct posture, it is imperative that you continue to use that posture. Make no mistake, FingerWeights are a training device, and form is important when training, period.
  • Familiarize Yourself with the Keyboard: Most keyboards are called QWERTY, which is strictly because of the top left row (learn something new every day). Once the determination is made as to what type of keyboard is being used, you can start to learn where the keys are. With your FingerWeights on, place your fingers “around” the middle of the board, (some people use “Home Row” –(L: ASDF R: JKL;), however it’s really about comfort, and posture), and press each key, repeatedly, in an effort to learn where the less “popular,” keys are located.
  • Close Your Eyes & Test Yourself: While keeping FingerWeights on (adjusting the weight up/down as necessary), close your eyes, say a letter, symbol, or number, out loud, and find the letter without looking. Rinse & Repeat to improve accuracy.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Continue to work on posture and form, while learning the keyboard and testing yourself with FingerWeights. The more practice that’s incorporated, the sharper the skills.
  • Wear FingerWeights While Conducting Standard Activities: FingerWeights are a training device, so they are NOT to be worn ALL the time…but if used in intervals, with the proper amount of resistance (10/20/30g adjustable), they will improve speed, strength and dexterity in the fingers and hands.


For more information visit us at www.fingerweights.com, or send us an email at information@fingerweights.com. 

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