Helps Improve Your Skills...The Flex

Helps Improve Your Skills...The Flex

Every kid grows up idolizing their favorite basketball player, spending hours upon hours imitating their shots, and yelling their name when the buckets start to drop. “KOBE!” Yells one kid as his ball swishes through the basket, while another kid from Chicago charges to the rim, tongue out, trying to “Be Like Mike.”

While this helps make the game fun, it unfortunately leads to kids picking up some bad habits as well… No, you don’t need to hang in the air like Kobe, or shoot 2 basketballs at once like Steph, in order to improve your form and shot percentage. However, by incorporating FingerWeights into your daily routine, and following the 5 tips/tricks below, you will not only improve your form, your shot percentage will improve as well!

#1: Analyze Grip

While wearing FingerWeights, look down at the ball while it’s in your hands, and ensure that your fingers are spread apart enough that the basketball can balance in just one hand, with the ball resting on the pads of your fingers (above FingerWeights).

#2: Smooth Delivery

Once the ball leaves your hands, it should start to arc without dipping. Your elbow should be under the ball, and your shooting hand needs to be directly in line with the rim. Your FingerWeights will actually help you line your hand up properly as they give your eyes an extra target to focus on, will at the same time, helping to train the fingers, hands, arm and body to move in one graceful movement. FingerWeights will also help keep your elbow and wrist in a straight line to the basket by incorporating the same basic resistance principles we see across all sports. 

#3: UpForce – Pay Attention!

The ball should be released from your hands prior to you reaching the top of your jump. Your legs generate UpForce, USE THEM! Tip: You should ALWAYS land in the same spot as you jumped from.

#4: Improve Follow Through

Your wrists should be relaxed, and your fingers pointed at where you shot the ball. This is where resistance training with FingerWeights will prove both helpful and challenging. Once you’ve shot the ball, you should be able to see your fingers at the top of the backboard. Make sure you hold this position until the ball hits the target. From the side (Yes, we recommend filming your shot) your hand and arm should resemble that of a “goose.”

How can I relax my wrist and point my fingers while I have weighted rings on, you ask? First, it is recommended starting with the lowest resistance possible, and working your way up when you start to incorporate FingerWeights into your daily routine. Second, if you can relax your wrist and ensure that your fingers are pointed at the rim while you have FingerWeights on, think of how much easier it will be once they aren’t on (think of a baseball player using a weighted bat prior to coming to the batter’s box).

If you need further evidence, please view the countless studies on the benefits of resistance training.

#5: Always Correct Your Shot

Whether your Steph, Klay, Lebron, or an up and comer on the JV squad, there’s always room for improvement as last we checked, no one has ever shot 100% from the floor in any game, let alone, season… It’s also easy to slip into bad habits, as the more you incorporate said bad habit, the deeper ingrained it becomes in your mechanics. Being diligent about form, and incorporating the correct resistance regimen (FingerWeights) into your daily routine, will help ensure that you a) don’t pick up a bad habit, and/or b) are able to help eliminate those habits, in favor of better ones, helping you reach your full potential as a “Hooper.” 


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