Suffering from the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel or Arthritis?

Suffering from the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel or Arthritis?

While there isn’t a cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Arthritis, there are numerous products out there that claim to help alleviate the symptoms of both. Whether people use rubber bands, physical therapy, pain relievers, a combination, or all of the above, there often times isn’t a “one size fits all remedy” to help alleviate the symptoms caused from either of these debilitating diseases.

FingerWeights are unique in that they work the extensor and flexor muscles in the fingers and hands, by incorporating the basic principles of resistance training. If you’ve been keeping up with the FingerWeights blogs, then you’ve 100% heard that phrasing more than once, but you might be asking yourself at this point, why do I care about those muscles, and what do they do for me?

Aside from the pain relivers and prescription drugs out there, most products only work one side of the fingers and hands…Meaning they work either the extensor or the flexor muscles, but NOT both. FingerWeights become effective at treating the symptoms of Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome through 5, 10, and 30 Gram adjustable resistance. This means our patients can work their way up, and can work all sides of the fingers and hands.

Whether you are a Doctor, Occupational Therapist, Rheumatologist, or a patient, FingerWeights are not only helpful, but they are here to stay.


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