Myths Surrounding FingerWeights

Myths Surrounding FingerWeights

FW Global's, the Original and the Flex FingerWeights, are training tools designed to help increase endurance, flexibility, dexterity, finesse, precision, and overall strength, by targeting the fine motor muscles in the fingers and hands. As a product, FingerWeights has been sold in over 120 countries, with an overwhelming majority providing positive feedback, often times asking us if we can make them heavier (yes). The same way a batter uses a weighted bat as a warmup before heading to the plate, a musician runs through scales looking for an edge to increase endurance and finger performance, or someone just trying to prevent, treat, or rehabilitate a finger/hand injury, the positive effects of FingerWeights will be felt after first use.

What the Original and the Flex are NOT designed to do is increase user's talent levels. Just like buying a Fender Stratocaster won't turn you into Jimmy Hendrix, a pair of J's won't turn you into Michael Jordan, or that new system / controller won't turn you into Ninja, FingerWeights are here to assist in the process, not to solve the equation. 

With every campaign, post, and communication FW sends, the "Keyboard Warriors," come out of hiding with comments like, "Weights for the Fingers, that's stupid," or "these are going to cause injury," or "why would anyone want these?" While FingerWeights knows with 100% certainty that not everyone will like FW's products, will think they work, and/or that some people will bash FingerWeights for no other reason than they want to bash something, there is still a LARGE difference between fact and opinion, so lets dissect some of the more recent "arguments" received:

  1. "They're Stupid Argument:" There isn't another product on the market that has adjustable resistance settings that are unique to each finger, while at the same time able to be worn while practicing the users chosen activity. 
  2. "They Cause Injury Argument:" FingerWeights were designed with the help of hand surgeons and rheumatologists. The reason that the resistance settings are in grams, and NOT pounds, is to ensure that the proper amount of resistance is being applied to work the fine motor muscles, WITHOUT putting too much stress on the joints and tendons. We do recommend taking them off at the first sign of fatigue, and if being used to treat or rehabilitate an injury, please consult a medical professional. 
  3. "Who Needs These Argument:" Anyone with Fingers can benefit from the use of FingerWeights. By targeting the fine motor muscles in the fingers and hands (extensor/flexor), whether you are typing for work all day on your computer, a musician, gamer, athlete, or someone trying to treat, prevent, or rehabilitate a finger/hand injury, the positive effects of FingerWeights will be felt after use. 

Judith Frank, MD Endorsement

FingerWeights are here to stay, both as a product, and as a company. We stand by our products 100%, and are always willing to listen to constructive criticism for how we can improve, both as a product and as a company. Now, please enjoy this video, and if you need to reach us, please visit us at

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