Finger Health for Musicians of All Instruments

Finger Health for Musicians of All Instruments

As is true with most professionals, for every moment on stage playing to the masses, there are thousands of moments behind the scenes, that no one ever hears or sees. It is within those "moments," riddled with self doubt, and unwanted opinions, that "Stars are Born!" Think of how much time Taylor Swift, John Legend, or The Weeknd, have spent honing their respective crafts...thousands of hours perfecting their instruments while creating their unique sound. However, within those hours of practice comes an increased likelihood for either Repetitive Motion Injuries (RMI's), or Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI's). FingerWeights, with the help of renowned hand surgeons and rheumatologists, were invented to help combat the painful symptoms of these ailments as well as increase endurance, flexibility, finesse, dexterity, and strength. 

Tendonitis occurs when the tendons in the hands and fingers become inflamed due to repetitive motion. If left untreated it can lead to chronic problems, and irreversible damage. By incorporating FingerWeights into your exercise regimen, utilizing the 10, 20 and 30 gram per finger adjustable resistance setting, you can help prevent tendonitis, and/or help treat the symptoms of tendonitis if you already suffer from debilitating inflammation. 

As discussed in earlier blogs, Carpal Tunnel syndrome sufferers have increased steadily as computers, smart phones and gaming have become how most communicate and entertain themselves. Musicians will suffer from tingling or numbness, and is common amongst percussionists. While there is currently no cure for Carpal Tunnel aside from surgery, by helping increase endurance, flexibility, and dexterity, FingerWeights both help stave off the symptoms, and can also be used as a preemptively as a preventative measure. 

Stenosing Tenosynovitis, or Trigger Finger, occurs when inflammation narrows the space between the cover and the sheath of a tendon in the finger. This will lock the finger in place, causing a clicking or snapping sound when the finger is straightened. Generally caused by the prolonged gripping of an instrument, FingerWeights help increase the strength of each individual finger, while at the same time increasing dexterity and flexibility, all of which help prevent Trigger Finger. 

There are close to 55 million people who suffer from arthritis in the United States. Aside from being extremely painful, arthritis limits range of motion, causes swelling, and decreases overall strength, completely preventing any musician from even picking up their instrument. While not a cure, FingerWeights helps prevent, as well as help treat the symptoms of arthritis by increasing strength, flexibility, endurance, dexterity and overall finesse. 

While not a cure, practicing with FingerWeights and incorporating them into your daily regimen will help prevent these debilitating ailments from taking hold. There is nothing more important to a musician than their hands, which is the only time you'll ever see musicians being compared to surgeons. 


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