Gamers / eSports & FingerWeights

Gamers / eSports & FingerWeights

The Original & Flex FingerWeights are a resistance training device for the fingers and hands. Each ring is adjustable in 10 gram increments up to 30 grams, by adding or removing the individual resistance rods (three to a ring). Unique in that they work both the extensor and flexors by targeting the fine motor muscles, while at the same time having the ability to be worn during warm-ups as well as during practice. Endorsed by medical professionals, FingerWeights stand alone as the only product on the market focused on finger and hand health, instead of solely on brute strength.

Most professional gamers can get somewhere between 500-600 actions per minute (APM)... Improve yours today, and help prevent repetitive motion injuries from “sidelining” you for extended periods of time, by warming up and practicing with the Original or the Flex. Whether you are an amateur who uses gaming as an outlet, or are a part of a larger community, The Original and the Flex, are here to aid your process, and be used during warmups and training. They can be worn while practicing or playing, and will improve overall finger performance while at the same time promoting healthy hands.

*As with any exercise regimen, please remove FW at the first sign of fatigue, and if you have any pre-existing conditions, please consult your medical professional prior to using them.

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