FW Global & the Competition

FW Global & the Competition

Come to think of it...there really aren't any products currently on the market that are comparable to FingerWeights! 

Sure, there's the Grip Master, targeting overall grip strength, a form of rubber band being used for finger rehabilitation, and lately there have been rumblings of a weighted glove being worn by athletes. All fantastic products, no doubt, but with very different functionality, goals, and/or results for the end user.

FW Global's are NOT for brute strength! Yes, there is a strength component to them, but the reality is that they help improve overall finger performance by targeting the fine motor muscles in the fingers and hands. FingerWeights' objective is to help prevent repetitive motion and repetitive stress injuries by helping to increase finger endurance, finger flexibility, finger dexterity, finger finesse, and in turn, overall finger performance. 

The reasons FingerWeights are truly unlike any other product is directly related to their functionality...Offering a 10, 20, 30 gram adjustable resistance setting, per finger, FingerWeights are the only product on the market that allow the fingers to move independently from one another, while also being able to be worn while practicing, or playing, the customer's chosen activity...whether you're following a rehabilitation regimen, playing an instrument, gaming or dropping dimes, FingerWeights may be exactly what's needed to gain that edge, and improve overall finger performance.

For more information visit us at www.fingerweights.com, or send us an email at information@fingerweights.com. 

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