FingerWeights Increase: Reaction Time, Actions Per Minute & Much More!

FingerWeights Increase: Reaction Time, Actions Per Minute & Much More!

The Original and the Flex FingerWeights were initially designed as a resistance training tool to help an aging musician reach the more challenging chords on his guitar. What happened next was nothing short of a phenomenon…After the first generation hit the market (5, 10, 15 Gram adjustable weighting system), people were reaching out from around the globe with ALL of the different ways they used their FingerWeights. From musicians of every instrument, to athletes taping them to their fingers (what led to the invention of the Universal Model), to Occupational & Physical Therapists using them for rehabilitation, as well as to increase dexterity and endurance in their patients, what was initially a product for musicians, quickly became a product for anyone with a hand or two.

Unfortunately, the initial marketing strategy for the first generation only targeted Musicians, Athletes and Health/Wellness, meaning it was incorrectly assumed that Gamers/E-Sports Professionals would automatically fall into one of those verticals…With the invention of the Universal Model, and the 2nd Generation FingerWeight (10, 20, 30 Gram adjustable weighting system), approximately 5 years after the first generation, Athletes, Gamers, and E-Sports professionals were now at the fore front.

While there are numerous studies currently available on the positive results that resistance training can have on your muscles, tendons and joints, there are not very many, if any, products that allow you to train while wearing them. By targeting the extensor and flexor muscles in the fingers and hands, FingerWeights are unique in that they allow its users to increase and improve their reaction times, actions per minute (APM), and their endurance. Improvement in each of those areas helps any individual master their respective game, and climb the ranks of their communities.

Give your fingers & hands the respect they deserve!


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