FingerWeights in the Climbing Community

FingerWeights in the Climbing Community

the Flex, the Original FingerWeights and the Art of Climbing go “Hand in Hand!"

Climbers have some of the strongest hands in the world, and that's just the start. Despite their fingertips being torn to shreds, and missing fingerprints altogether, the tips of the fingers do require a certain finesse, and brute strength. How else could one gain enough strength to pull, yank and ascend to the top of any boulder problem, or Sport Climb anywhere in the world? The fingers, notably the fingertips, are vital to reaching new heights! Recently, FingerWeights Global, has been spending a little time speaking with some career/lifetime climbers out in Bishop, CA which just so happens to be one of the premier rock climbing destinations in the world.   

The feedback we received on FingerWeights as a product BLEW US AWAY! With the older generations still hanging around the Happy Boulders and Buttermilks, there was definitely a sigh of relief when our samples made it around the rocks.  

  • “It’s a perfect warm-up tool, you can feel the positive effects all the way up your arm” Graham K 
  • “Where were these when I was rehabbing from shattering my arm?!” Jake T
  • “It’s the only premier hand therapy tool that can fit my hand and allows me to change the resistance in a matter of seconds.”  Molly T
  • "Not a gimmick!" Annie G

These were  just a some of the overwhelmingly positive responses and feedback we received surrounding FingerWeights as they were unveiled to the climbing community. Our team is dedicated to finger/hand health, and the rehabilitation of injuries that come to almost everyone...whether through an activity they love like climbing, or through the standard wear and tear

We look forward to helping all of those in the climbing community who may be searching for that edge, as well as trying to both prevent and/or rehabilitate a finger / hand injury. 


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