FingerWeights & eSports…Facts About Gamers!

FingerWeights & eSports…Facts About Gamers!

With the entire sports world currently on hiatus due to the tragic outbreak of COVID-19, and state wide social distancing restrictions, the time for gaming indoors has never been more apropos…Even the casual sports fan is looking to fill the void of competition after more than a month inside, helping E-Sports, already a giant Global industry, take off like never before. According to Activate Consulting, there are currently 443 Million E-Sports fans world-wide, and while that number grows every day, that number represents solely the spectators. 

Where do FingerWeights fit in under the Gaming umbrella? Regardless of whether you’re a fan, regularly attending competitions while playing Fortnite with your friends on the weekend, or a seriously regarded “Gamer” slaughtering the competition week after week, FingerWeights will in-fact take your game to the next level. While there are countless resistance training studies that have been conducted, FingerWeights offer the unique ability of being able to practice with them on while not only helping increase your strength and endurance (Finger Clicks per Second), but they have also been proven to help increase muscle memory, directly sharpening your skills.

Play Longer, Play Faster & Play Better…Today!

Who are FingerWeights meant for? Globally, awareness of E-Sports/Gaming has grown substantially in just the last 5 years alone…gone are the days of the basic “back and forth” game, as we are now in the midst of live action and graphics that rival movies. In 2015 1.1 billion people worldwide knew about E-Sports, compared to 1.955 billion in 2020 (almost a 100% growth in awareness alone). It is projected that the E-Sport/Gaming audience will reach as high as 500 million worldwide this year, with at least half of that number defined as enthusiasts, with the other half identifying as “occasional viewers.” A McKinsey Report said that in the U.S. alone, there are over 20 million E-Sports fans, with 84% of those fans younger than 35 years old. However, the US market is dominated by males, who comprise 83% of the 20 million, meaning the next major uptick for E-Sports will be when they strike a nerve with the female audience.

So, whether you are a fan, a professional, or just someone interested in the overall health and wellbeing of their fingers and hands, FingerWeights are here to help you on your journey!


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