eSport Injuries...Gamers Thumb & other RMI’s

eSport Injuries...Gamers Thumb & other RMI’s

Regardless of the activity behind repetitive motion injuries (RMI’s), anyone who’s ever experienced one knows how severe they can be...from constant aches and pain, to complete debilitation, they require immediate attention, and should be prevented, if possible, at all costs.

Fellow Gamers, have you ever experienced a sore thumb after gaming for 4 hours or longer? If the answer is yes, then you may be experiencing an RMI nicknamed “Gamer’s Thumb.” Also known as Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, Gamer’s Thumb is a condition where the tendons in the thumb become inflamed causing a multitude of nasty symptoms that could prevent being at the “top of the game.” Of course, gaming isn’t the only activity that leads to Quervain’s Tenosynovitis as this condition has been on the rise since smart phones and texting burst onto the scene roughly 15 years ago. Common symptoms include, but aren’t limited to, thumb pain post playing/typing, swelling, wrist/arm pain starting in the thumb, and/or a “catching / popping” sensation when moving the thumb.

There have been plenty of gamers that had to retire due to finger, hand, and wrist injuries as gaming requires repetitive, strenuous motion on the fingers, hands and wrists, sometimes lasting for hours on end...don’t let that be you! Some of the other injuries commonly associated with gaming/typing are carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, tennis elbow, and de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, apparently “Gamers Thumb’s” cousin. However, there’s a product on the market, ready, willing and able to help, immediately...FingerWeights.

As previously outlined, FingerWeights are not, and do not claim to be, a cure in any way. What they are, without a doubt, are a tool that can be used both before and after gaming, as well as while their users are playing (uniquely).  FingerWeights help increase speed, dexterity, flexibility, and endurance, while at the same time working to prevent all of the common Repetitive Motion Injuries previously mentioned.

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