Comparing the Flex & Original...and a Little History

Comparing the Flex & Original...and a Little History

FW Global's Original & Flex FingerWeights were initially invented by an amateur guitarist, trying to get his middle-aged “pinky” finger, to the same strength as the rest of his more dominant fingers, by taping nickels and pennies in-between his knuckles with electrical tape…BOOM! The birth of FingerWeights!         Since then, the product has been presented with numerous different uses, both from inside and outside of the company. It seems every time the inventors, and eventual partners of FingerWeights Global, turned around, they were asked a “have you thought of…” question when it came to numerous different disciplines that FingerWeights apply to.

It wasn’t until some basketball players started taking the first-generation product and taping it to their fingers, similar to how the original FingerWeights were invented, that Athletics started to become a reality. With the second-generation product coming out with a more adjustable weighting system, it was determined that for more rigorous activities, strapping the weights to the fingers was going to be the most effective way to ensure FingerWeights stayed secure on the fingers/hands. And there you have it, the primary difference between the Standard FingerWeight model, and the Sport model, is the fact that the standard product is not meant for rigorous activities and slides on and off the finger with relative ease, whereas the Sport model is strapped to the finger based on the end-user’s desired tightness.

If you would like a more detailed history of FingerWeights, or have any questions about the products themselves, please feel free to visit us at FW Global, or send us an email at 


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