"Hand Hacks" - A Couple Ways to Impress your Friends

"Hand Hacks" - A Couple Ways to Impress your Friends

Whether you use your hands to make money, or simply to eat your favorite burger... Here’s a couple of quick "hand hacks" that will help you impress your friends on any occasion.  

  1. Keep a friend sitting down with your pointer finger. Have a friend sit down in a chair. Make them cross their arms in front of their chest so their hands are on their shoulders. Place your pointer finger on the middle of their forehead and tell them to stand up without moving their arms.
  2. Place your hands on your head and challenge a friend to move them. Put both of your hands on top of your head with the palms down and elbows out to the side and bent. Keep your fingers locked together and hold your head firmly. No one will be able to dislodge your hands from your head no matter how strong they are. You must remain still for this trick to work.


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