Feature: Hand Therapy Clinics (#1)

Feature: Hand Therapy Clinics (#1)

FingerWeights Global wants to take the time to highlight the people, therapists, professionals, and clinics who have been "Doing the Work" surrounding finger, hand, and upper extremity health for quite some time. We believe community support is, and always will be, important.

The Hand Rehabilitation Center of Florida was established in 1995 by John and Jennifer Castelli, with the primary objective of creating an advanced treatment center for hand and upper extremity conditions. While led by a group of licensed professionals, with additional training and experience in hand and shoulder ailments, The Hand Rehabilitation Center of Florida has been leading the charge for over 25 years, and is 100% therapist owned and operated.

Here are a couple of their success stories...

"I had a pinched nerve in my arm & hand & had therapy in W. Virgina before coming to Florida. The arm problem created my hand problem of numbness & pain. There were so many things I couldn't do, knitting, computer things & more. My therapist is wonderful. She found the exact place where the problem was & the right therapy. I am now at 90% and have exercises & information for things to do at home. She was so caring & kind in helping me the two months I went for therapy. I am a true believer in therapy! The positive attitude of everyone was wonderful. The well trained therapists who carry out the prescription from the doctor know their work. I especially appreciated never having to wait for an appointment and the happy, wonderful staff that always greeted me. If problems return I would definitely come back." NB

"I started therapy with very little movement in my shoulder and arm. After starting therapy I could see improvements almost daily. Within a few weeks I was able to do most everything within reason. If I had not had therapy I would have been afraid to try anything.I have talked to two people who each knew someone who had the same surgery. They talked about the pain and the the long recovery. I had almost no pain and very quick recovery in my estimation.I know the quality of my therapy made a big difference and everyone was always so friendly, it was more like visiting friends than having therapy. I am 12 weeks post surgery and started swimming this week using an overhead stroke. It feels so good to have my life back to normal. Thank you all again for your help." JT


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