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STOP! Take a moment and think about how many times you've used your hands in the last 24 snoozed your alarm, swiped through your phone, turned on the coffee, sent emails, wrote a blog, cooked breakfast, and that is just this morning. Our hands are how we interact with the world around us, and keeping them healthy should be a top priority. 

The primary objective of FingerWeights is healthy fingers and hands, and while there may not be another product currently on the market like FingerWeights, there are plenty of complimentary products that can be used in conjunction with them...

Hand salve is an exceptional product that should be used frequently if you don’t already. Most adult males and females have reported a finger, hand, and/or wrist injury throughout their lifetime; however, the injury doesn’t have to be a broken bone or torn ligament. There are dozens of injuries that occur to the hand each day, that aren't broken bones or torn ligaments/tendons, that are reported millions of times such as a rash, burns, and/or abrasive damage to the epidermis. Despite being common occurrences, they can be avoided with proper hand health tactics, as well as proper care to prevent illness, bacterial growth, and dry skin. Additionally, using Hand Salve regularly will get you to notice the part of our bodies that we use the most. Your hands are gifts that have built, and touched, everything your eyes can see.  It’s long past time that the fingers and hands be incorporated into daily wellness regimens. 

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For our frontline workers...

Below guide includes:

  • Discounts on Internet for Frontline Workers
  • Tips on the Importance of Mental Health and Self Care
  • Wellness Resources for First Responders and Healthcare Employees 

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