FW Global Medical Endorsement

FW Global Medical Endorsement

A physician, with board certifications in both Rheumatology and Internal Medicine, has recently joined the FingerWeights community. Judith Frank, MD has treated and diagnosed nearly every type of arthritis, as well as countless other conditions that can affect the fingers and hands. Whether treating the debilitating effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis, or trying to combat the symptoms of repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel, tendonitis, or trigger finger, Dr. Frank is an authority when it comes to treatments and best practices of these often times debilitating conditions.

By incorporating FingerWeights into your daily regimen, they can help mitigate finger and hand pain associated with these injuries, while at the same time helping increasing overall performance through the improvement of finger: flexibility, endurance, strength, range of motion, dexterity, and precision.

Please take the time to read Dr. Frank's full endorsement, and dig a little deeper into the positive effects of working with FingerWeights.

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-The FingerWeights Team

For more information visit us at FingerWeights.com, or send us an email at information@fingerweights.com. 

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