Did you know...

Did you know...

...that using FingerWeights will help increase finger/hand endurance?

Did you also know that May 5th, 2020 was National Hand Hygiene Day? That's right...Hand Hygiene Day! The Day to remind us that it's in all of our best interest for healthcare workers to practice sound hand hygiene while at work. Have to admit that we were under the impression that the HEROES on the front lines knew that already, but who are we too spoil a holiday?!

So, while hand washing is one of the most effective paths we can take to limit the spread of pathogens and prevent infections (WHO article), we need to do far more these days than just keep our fingers and hands clean...

It is estimated that 1 in 5 adults will suffer from Carpal Tunnel, millions more from tendonitis, not to mention the often debilitating effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis that seem to be effecting younger and younger people every year. From the moment we open our eyes, often times before we do anything else, we're using our fingers and hands to send a text, post on social media, make a phone call, often times balancing the phone in one hand, stretching our fingers out as far as they'll reach across, annoyed if we actually have to use both hands to accomplish whatever it is we think we're accomplishing in that moment... "Our hands are how we interact with the world around us," is as true a quote as there is...so with that said, isn't it about time for all of us to start acting like it? 

Using FingerWeights...

  • Will help Prevent and/or Rehabilitate finger/hand Injury
  • Increase range of motion & flexibility in the fingers
  • Improve finger endurance
  • Increased Actions per Minute (i.e. baseball player with a weighted bat before taking the plate)
  • Play/Practice Longer with less risk of injury
  • Progressive Resistance Training (work your way up!) 
  • One Size fits All (2 Models)





For our frontline workers...

Below guide includes:

  • Discounts on Internet for Frontline Workers
  • Tips on the Importance of Mental Health and Self Care
  • Wellness Resources for First Responders and Healthcare Employees



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