Why FingerWeights™?

FingerWeights™ - the natural way to train your fingers and hands!

Few people know that human hand has 35 muscles, which move the fingers and the thumb: 17 in the palm, 18 in the forearm, and 123 ligaments. Other hand exercise equipment only allows you to exercise a small portion of those muscles and ligaments. FingerWeights™ provide a unique opportunity to NATURALLY exercise ALL muscles and tendons. You can train your fingers with tested techniques or while doing everyday activities!

You take care of the rest of your body - why neglect the hands?

Negligence to finger training (and similarly over-training!) may lead to physical issues over time. CDC data demonstrates that about 53 millions of adults in the U.S. have arthritis, and that number is growing. A significant percentage of them have Degenerative Arthritis of the Hand or other forms of hand illnesses, including the carpal tunnel syndrome. Many physical therapists and doctors recommend regular finger exercises to prevent these conditions and ease pain.

Strengthening and conditioning the multitudinous units, improving neuromuscular control, finger movement speed, and durability are important for everyone. Moreover, exercising of small hand muscles stimulates the brain and can aid in the prevention of the age-related loss of memory and neuroplasticity.

Exercise without exercising

Why only concentrate on special exercises?

Exercise does not necessarily mean “run on a treadmill for four hours and be miserable.” Exercise could be any activity takes your body outside of its normal comfort zone, forcing it to adapt. Though we provide training exercises and best practices, FingerWeights™ are uniquely designed to be worn during functional, everyday activities. Train your fingers and hands while practicing your musical instrument, training for your sport, playing video games, practicing your favorite hobby or just walking around the house. FingerWeights™ are the only training and exercise equipment for your hands that doesn’t ask you to do anything outside of your norms. Keep doing your favorite activities while wearing FingerWeights™; see results and reap the rewards.

FingerWeights™ are the only Natural Hand Movement Training Equipment