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FingerWeights Sport 10 Set
FingerWeights Sport 10 Set

FingerWeights Sport 10 Set

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Two-piece strap on FingerWeight designed to fit any size finger. Each unit is weight adjustable in 10-gram increments up to 30 grams per finger.

Most popular design - Music, Rehab, eSports, and Athletics!

The Sport FingerWeight features our patented strap-on design.  It stays comfortably and securely on your fingers while you strum, stretch or rehab.

The set includes:

  • 10 Sport FingerWeights
  • 30 Stainless Steel Weights
  • Weight Adjustment Tool
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Instructions

Recommended for musicians, athletes, and eSports + gamers at all levels looking to increase their speed, dexterity, and strength. 

Musicians, Athletes, Gamers, at all levels, as well as people recovering from finger/hand injuries, incorporate FingerWeights into regular practice, training and rehabilitation sessions. Most feel the effects after first use. Hand Speed, Dexterity, and Finger Strength in the extensor and flexor muscles, the fine motor muscles in the hands that open and close the fingers, are essential elements of better play. FingerWeights isolate these muscles in a safe and effective fashion while you're practicing, training or rehabilitating. For musicians, these are ideal for use with both string and wind instruments.